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Riga Development Plan

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Riga development plan is elaborated with a purpose to ensure valuable and effective municipal administration, as well as to clearly mark the future vision of Riga city, to indicate the development priorities, targets and the ways for they achievement. General purpose of the plan is to facilitate Riga longterm development, providing the possibly highest quality of life for all the people working, living investing into or simply visiting Riga.







Riga development plan generally consists of three interdependent main documents:

  1. Riga long-term development strategy till the year 2025 – the Strategy is an overall document, where the development vision of the city is determined, the interests of the city defined and the development priorities and targets, guidelines for spatial planning as well as the supervision model for the realization of the strategy stated.
  2. Riga development program 2006-2012 – Development program includes comprehensive description of Riga current situation from the sectoral point of view and according to the city long term development strategy the tasks to be performed, programs and projects for promotion of Riga social economical development are described
  3. Riga spatial planning 2006-2018 – the document determining the land use policy in the city. The terms of planning refer to:
    • Riga city council and the subordinated structural units – for evaluation of short term, middle term and long term development projects;
    • Project initiators and capital investors – for the evaluation of the projects, correspondence of spatial use and construction intention to the city development targets advanced as well as co-ordination of the own activities in line with the future development initiatives of the city;
    • Land owners for the evaluation of future development possibilities for their property;
    • Local and foreign investors for the information about Riga future development possibilities and conditions.