Constructive Proposals for Cooperation Opportunities with Asia Will Be Researched

The “Future City Game” – the situation analysis and idea development activity – will take place on 22 and 23 September, 2009, in Room 508, Rātsnams, Rātslaukuma 1, with the aim to elaborate constructive proposals for cooperation opportunities of the city of Riga with Asia. The game is the British Council methodology for solving city environment issues. It will be led by city sociologist Viesturs Celmiņš.

The Future City Game is the methodology elaborated by the British Council and British organisations that are acknowledged in the field of urban planning. The game results will be presented to Riga City Council representatives, entrepreneurs, state institutions and other interested parties and will additionally be discussed at the international seminar in Stockholm within the framework of the INTERREG IVA project “Baltic Palette – the BASAAR Baltic and Asian Cooperation Planning Joint Project” programme.

It is planned to develop ideas for the cooperation projects between Riga and Asia in the process of the business game by bringing together entrepreneurs, representatives from such areas as education, logistics, Riga City Council and tourism. The game will focus on fields in which development is important for Riga, such as business activities, education, logistics and tourism.

Game time: Tuesday, 22 September – from 9:00 to 15:00 and Wednesday, 23 September – from 9:00 to 14:00 (presentation of projects ideas from 11:30 to 13.30).

Although the presence of Riga in China and India today is minimal or non-existent, these regions are still justifiably considered as new driving forces in the world development. The large Asian market opens various opportunities for development. It is therefore required to summarise the experience available to date and to search for innovative solutions, including the institutional support that would allow the cooperation opportunities with China and India to be increased.

The idea development game is arranged by the British Council within the framework of the BASAAR project of the Riga City Council City Development Department and the company Rode&Weiland.
Further information is available at: Future City Game –, British Council in Latvia –, Riga City Council City Development Department –

Marija Ābeltiņa,
Public Relations Manager
Riga City Council City Development Department


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