Proposals for New Construction Law Elaboration Have Been Approved During Discussions

On 8 October, the Riga City Construction Board organised a round table discussion on basic approaches to the draft new Construction Law. In the process of the discussion, it was concluded that the construction process can be shortened by reducing the number of approvals to be received for a construction project prior to starting construction.

However, at the same time, it is significant to draw attention to ensuring the quality and control of construction projects and works.

In the process of the discussion, representatives of the construction process participants – architects, builders, construction engineers, entrepreneurs – supported the basic approaches to a new Construction Law elaboration initiated by the Riga City Construction Board.

“When elaborating a new Construction Law, other regulations related to construction must be simultaneously reconsidered and amended as well, ensuring the arrangement of not only the administrative but also of the construction process in conformity with the intended construction concept, thus, in general, determining the order in the construction process and the expected result,” says Riga City Council City Development Chairman Sergejs Dolgopolovs.

“When a municipality undertakes coordination of approvals for connecting engineering communications, the time required for the construction project approval at the Construction Board will be considerably reduced, which means that, in place of the current 12 approvals, there will be one approval of the Construction Board – a resolution to allow the specific construction at the land plot. Our goal is to reduce the time spent at the municipality for approval of the required documents prior to starting the construction,” says Riga City Construction Board Director Andis Cinis in clarifying the essence of the basic approaches to the draft new Construction Law.

“We have been discussing in the Latvian Union of Architects not only the possibilities of reducing the time for approval of the construction process preparation documents, but also the way to make the final product – the developed construction project – qualitative and sustainable. The proposal presented by Andis Cinis for approval and promotion of the projects is the minimum with regard to their checking stages, as is required not to bring harm to national economy. Our Union will not support any excessive hurriedness in the construction process, as it can threaten the quality and sustainability of the final product,” emphasises Andris Kronbergs, chairman of the Council of the Latvian Union of Architects.

On 8 October, the Riga City Construction Board organised an open discussion with the parties involved in the construction field to consider the prepared draft new Construction Law. During the discussion, representatives from the Latvian Union of Architects, the Latvian Builders Association, the Latvian Association of Construction Engineers, the Latvian Association of Electrical and Power Engineers and Builders, the Ministry of the Environment, the Būvniecības Attīstības Stratēģiskā Partnerība (Strategic Construction Development Partnership), A/S RBSSKALS, SIA RE&RE, the Transparency International Latvia DELNA, the Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS, and the Ministry of Economics Building and Housing Department, the Ministry of Regional Development and Local Governments (RAPLM) and the Riga City Council deputies have expressed their opinion on the procedure of project approval and the certification of specialists, as well as on public involvement in the construction process.

The opinion of the invited parties shall be submitted to the Ministry of Economics for the subsequent elaboration of a new Construction Law.

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